By Published On: March 6, 2023

A Newcastle-based Betfred punter has won a life-changing amount of money after winning a whopping £5.4 million, the biggest payout in the bookmaker’s 56-year history.

32-year-old careworker Michael Clark secured his jackpot win by playing a £1.40 spin on the King Kong Cashpots game.

When he realised he was a millionaire, Clark told Betfred: “I would have never dreamed of hitting the jackpot, but that’s what’s happened.

“At first, I thought I won £5,000, and I was happy with that, but to hit the jackpot was just mind-blowing. I rang my mum and dad, crying my eyes out. I couldn’t help it because it was a big, overwhelming win.”

The Newcastle United fan has been engaged to his fiancé Sherelle Pooley for seven years. It will be using a portion of his winnings to not only upgrade his fiancé’s engagement ring but to potentially book St. James’ Park as the venue for his and Sherelle’s big day, with Michael claiming: “It would be a beautiful venue and I’ve looked at some of the wedding packages, so to do one of them would be amazing.”

Due to his current circumstances, Michael, now dubbed by his family as ‘Mickey Millions’, has decided to take a break from working in the care industry, with the good wishes and congratulations from his employers intact, and now harbours ambitions of prolonging his fortune and securing his family’s future by investing in the property market: “If I can continue my fortune and leave a legacy for my kids then that will be life complete. Your job in life is to enjoy yourself and set your kids up. I’m 32 years old, and I can do that already, so it’s still mind-blowing.”

Betfred boss Fred said:

“This proves nice guys can win. Michael is the most worthy of the winnings. It is brilliant news for this smashing couple who have proved you can win big at Betfred from the tiniest of stakes.”

Blueprint Gaming provides the game King Kong Cashpots on Betfred, and Georgia Parry, Head of UK Account Management, said,

“News of life-changing wins like this is always a happy read, but even more so when it is courtesy of one of our games. Knowing that the winner is as deserving as he and his family are, makes it much more special. We’re ecstatic that a Blueprint creation has played a part in this and wish the winner and his family a lifetime of happiness.”

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